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From Chickie Mae, a chicken who does NOT like olives, to Boo, a camel disguised as a peacock, my stories enchant children of all ages.  I love to place my characters (usually animals) in unlikely situations just to see what happens.  My series of stories from Lavender Hill Farm includes ducks, geese, chickens, horses, cows, dogs, a cat, a pig who no longer lives there and some rather rude turnips.  I have a lot of stand alone stories as well, and, given enough lead time, can craft or adapt stories for your situation.


I've told stories for children in schools, churches, nature centers, zoos, libraries and private parties.  

Original Stories for Children . . .



. . . and Adults




My personal stories for adults explore themes common to us all - love, loss, friendship, family, fear, joy, identity.  The stories tend to be funny and poignant, a combination enhanced by my subtle delivery.  Among others are:

     "Chumming the Children" - love, death and survival of a family; 

     "The Bracelet" - an intergenerational evocation of young love 

     "The Guilt Cat", who survives and survives in the way only cats can.


I have told stories at festivals and conferences including the Northlands Storytelling Network and Northeast Storytelling's Sharing the Fire; numerous Tellabrations;  clubs, and service and social organizations, and other storytelling events.


Linocut illustration by Laura B DeLind

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and Some Books . . .



Mead-Hill has published four books of my children's stories.  They are available on-line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as ebooks and paperback editions.



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